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About Our Designer  

Gabrielle Veith, describes herself as very dedicated and passionate in growing her business Mi Amore Gigi. Ever since she was a young girl, she was drawn to art and illustrating. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T), where she furthered her interest in illustration and fashion illustration and improved her design skills. She graduated F.I.T with an Associate's degree in Illustration and Fashion Illustration. Gabrielle went back to school for her Bachelor's Degree and received a double major in Elementary Education and Art. This is exactly why she loves her work so much; she gets to combine art, illustration, and designing for kids all in one. All of the adorable graphic designs on the tops have been personally designed by Gabrielle. The main image of the Gigi girl logo used for Mi Amore Gigi was inspired by her oldest daughter. Gigi was the first illustration and design Gabrielle designed for the brand and company.

Working in a creative business, Gabrielle is used to having many things going on at once. She's very laid-back but also a self-described perfectionist, usually causing her to stay up late to get a design done. Determined and extremely passionate about her work, Gabrielle's background in art, illustration, design, and fashion has given her the experience to get to where she is now.

Working with people with different tastes is one of the best experiences she has been given. Along with working for on designs that could be seen in Hot Topic, and Walmart, she has designed for well known celebrities and musicians. Famous country star singer, Kenny Chesney, reality star, JWOWW, Miss Pennsylvania, and bassist Brad Stewart are among some of people she has had the pleasure designing for. She's influenced by shopping with her three girls, now 4, 10, and 11 yrs old, and seeing the trends of the moment and what they like to wear inspires her creativity.

As an artist, Gabrielle believes it's important to accept criticism and always keep evolving. Learning and welcoming new beginnings and growth is an essential part of becoming the best designer she can be. One of the most influential experiences for her has been designing other clothing lines for clients and companies, both well known and in the start up stages... because they all gave her the knowledge and experience she carries with her today.

The best advice she's ever been given was from one of her college professors at F.I.T who told her that in the business of art and fashion, experience and working in the field is something money can not buy. Every freelance job and work opportunity, no matter how small, will lead you to your road to success. 

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