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Interchangeable Fun!

Which styles are interchangeable? How do they work?

As of now we have interchangeable tops, but we will be adding interchangeable skirts, dresses and accessories. Each interchangeable top comes with three embellishments that attach to the top using hook and loop closures. The end result is a versatile top that a young girl can design to her liking. Basically, you can buy one top and get three different looks in one! We have recently improved this concept and these embellishments can also be used as hair accessories as well! Note: Patent Pending

Guide to Interchangeable Shirts

Interchangeable Shirts

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Interchangeable Tops work!

At our store, we're determined to keep up with the current styles and trends. With a focus on upbeat, entertaining, and friendly designs, we're always coming up with new ideas we know young girls want to see and wear. Plus we plan on adding the interchangeable concept to our skirts, dresses and accessories!

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